Digital Literacy for School Children

For the past 7 years, Tekons Education has been providing digital literacy classes to girls in Rasulgarh Ashram School, a government residential school for roughly 110 girls in Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. However, because the school did not have computers, many of the students could not make the best use of the digital literacy classes. As a result, Tekons Education is now partnering with Caring Hands to create a computer lab for the school and improve access to computers and digital literacy classes. The computer lab is specifically designed for students in classes 1 to 7. Students are taught a wide range of topics including basic topics such as how to use email, internet, word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and more advanced topics such as Introduction to Software and Programming Languages Java & Python. In addition, they will also get exposure to mathematics and science through online subscriptions. Through the computer lab and digital literacy classes, we hope to generate student interest in STEM fields that will result in self-sustaining jobs later on in life. Funds for this project will go towards buying equipment (computers, monitors, tables, software) and paying for a facilitator and technician for the computer lab.

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