Bolangir school for Handicapped

Bolangir School for Handicapped, known locally as Patharchepa Blind, Deaf, and Mute School, is a residential primary school consisting of 40 children with special needs from ages 3 to 15 in a remote part of Odisha, India. All children are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or nonverbal and have been abandoned by their families due to their special needs. Bolangir School was initially founded in 1993 for children with special needs. In 2010, the Indian government provided the school an acre of land and meager funds to construct a school building. With additional funds from local charities, they partially constructed a school building and opened the school in the summer of 2011. After visiting the school in 2011, Caring Hands decided to adopt the school and finish constructing the school. In addition, we will provide vocational training so that students will have the skills to be self-sufficient and succeed in today’s world.

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Bolangir School for Handicapped

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