Shreeja Vidushee: Empower senior girl students to improve education in rural areas

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Support Project Vidushee of Shreeja, India, to train senior girl students and empower them to become catalysts for improving education in rural areas in West Bengal, India

Project details

  • Grant : $7,500
  • Location : West Bengal, India
  • Status : In progress
  • Category : Global Projects,

Shreeja India’s in-house research team has observed that around 75% of school children do not really have basic reading and Arithmetic skills in India. Without these basic skills, the benefits of school education in later years are lost. Policy makers throughout the world have realized that foundational learning, or children’s ability to read with meaning and do basic calculations form the basis of all future learnings. Foundational learning for all children, therefore, is the essence of overall student learning outcomes that builds an effective and inclusive education system. Here, especially, first-generation learning (FGL) tribal girls need mentors to guide their educational progress, out-of-school academic support, and lessons in key life skills to give them strategies and confidence to continue to focus on their studies. This is so because, they are the most vulnerable lot who are the firsts to dropout early due to the pressure of a patriarchy driven society. This is supported by studies that indicate that even when Indian village girls enroll in schools, around 65% of them quit schools during adolescence. Almost 27% girls are married before the age of 18 years and 70% of girls suffer abuse in different forms across the nation. Both the mentioned problems continue to play significant roles in obstructing the growth and development of rural communities across the nation and hindering the creation of a gender-equitable society. Hence, Shreeja India has designed an integrated pay-it-forward model with Project Vidhushee to address these issues by involving rural FGL girls as the driving forces behind this endeavour.