Light Beyond Vision

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"Light Beyond Vision" provides educational assistance to visually impaired students from impoverished background with the goal of improving their self-esteem and empowering them to be self-sufficient.

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  • Cost : Financial assistance per student: $34 per month
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This project is the brainchild of Dr. Gita Mohanty, a native of Balesore, Odisha, India, where Ranipatna Blind School is located. It is a residential school for visually challenged and economically disadvantaged students for grades 1-10. The school was established in 2002 and run by local community members until 2019, when it received government funding.

Each year about 10 students graduate from this school, but 90% of them used to discontinue studies and lost any hope of being self-supporting. In 2019, Gita and her family/friends started providing financial assistance for graduates of  the school to attend college. Currently they are supporting college education for about 50 visually challenged deserving students from different parts of Odisha, India. Many of the sponsors maintain regular contact with their sponsored child and provide encouragement and guidance.

But, so far, we have just scratched the surface. There are many more needy, visually challenged students requiring assistance. Hence Caring Hands is launching this project to support more such kids and help them become an asset to society.

Caring Hands is carefully selecting visually impaired kids after understanding their background and aspirations. In addition to sponsoring their college education, Caring Hands plans to offer them career guidance and encouragement with the goal of improving their self-esteem and empowering them to be self-sufficient.

The cost of sponsoring the education of one child is only Rs.2500 or $34 dollars per month which covers education and sustenance. But it will make a world of difference in their lives!

Caring Hands is now sponsoring the college education of 21 visually impaired students.