Caring Hands Foundation believes that individuals can make a profound difference by actively exercising their ability to create positive change. Therefore Caring Hands mission is to provide an easy platform for volunteerism so that people can contribute positively in their local community through community outreach programs and in the global community through infrastructure building projects. We believe in providing actual solutions and seeing the project through, from planning until completion.
Caring Hands Foundation is an all volunteer-led organization. 100% of your contribution will reach intended beneficiaries.


Dr. Sakti Das
Sakti is a Professor Emeritus of Urology at University of California, Davis Medical Center. For the last two decades, he has traveled around the globe on international medical missions. He has also supported several primary education centers and other projects that serve the needy in developing countries. He has been the nurturing guide and inspiration for Caring Hands. Foundation.


Sujata Das
Sujata is a Computer Scientist. She has a strong passion for helping the underprivileged both in her local community as well as in developing countries. She has lead several charitable projects over the past fifteen years. She has been the motivating force behind Caring Hands Foundation.


Arundhati Dash
Arundhati is a versatile community service organizer serving in the Bay Area. She leads the Lunch Bag Service effort of Caring Hands Foundation and is our primary liaison with local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. She also leads some of our global projects.


Dr. Anjalika Patnaik
Anjalika is an OB/GYN with Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. She uses her role in the community hospital to become an asset to the underpriviliged in the community. She also runs a high school in her native village in India and is involved in a lot of social service, both in the Bay Area and abroad.


Dr. Kavita Reddy
Kavita is Managing Physiscan at US Health Works in Sunnyvale. She leads some of the global projects of Caring Hands and is committed to bringing relief to the needy in developing countries by championing their causes. Her enthusiasm is contagious.


Suchitra Pattnaik Suchitra is a computer professional and entrepreneur. She was an expatriate but currently is based in Bhubaneswar, India. She is a person of many talents and is very involved in many social causes. She plays a vital role in the successful execution of our overseas projects.